Mombasa, where my clothes once were…

Posted: December 20, 2006 in Life

It once happened that this goon approached me and my girlfriend near a public beach in Mombasa, innocently inciting us to ‘assist’ some ‘stranded’ tourists in dire need.  In other words, he was a pimp and he thought we were whores. (Cough … If you could forgive my French).

However, after a little pillow reflection, I tried to figure whether we might have by chance provoked that man’s wildest thoughts to imagine us as off duty prostitutes. Well, my apparel was decent in every sense of the word to my Bishop, Mother or even the staunchest of nuns. I was decent. I failed to untangle the mystery string until…

I grew a little older and learnt that there exists laws against my kind.  They blame it on our  choice of apparel, they blame it on my skin complexion. It is a crime for should dare a black Kenyan girl walk unaccompanied in some locations  at the Coast.

Many of such have recurred, white old men ogling  or even blatantly approaching to make offers, Kenyan mid aged men pulling over roadsides just by the sight to offer ‘rides’. As a result, the police have posted tough warnings against females found loitering at the beaches.

This 30% (see chart below published in a Kenyan daily) ideology has left the 70% of us vulnerable of such debased suspicions.


After all, it is appalling for a black Kenyan female to afford a drink and even more at a fancy hotel . And what business would a black girl have at a five star resort, unaccompanied  and is neither a waitress, bartender or a cleaner?

I am going back home, to Mombasa district, in the Coast Kenya where my heart is and most of my clothes are,  aware of the prejudice that awaits. That to me is like a homecoming- not feeling at home in your own home, and while at it I’ll try and have a forgiving Christmas

Have a forgiving Chrismas, y’all who feel me.

  1. olymwandishi says:

    First and foremost, let me welcome you to the world of blogging again…this time make sure to fight on and complete the race.
    I believe that it is high time that laws against child prostitution are made more punitive. Secondly shame on to all those Kenyans at the coast indulging in sexual acts with teenagers.
    enough said here.

  2. he he h eh ehe he nilisema yote yangu kwa meeebo..checkirrrrout!

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