Who blunted the Watchdogs teeth?

Posted: February 5, 2007 in Media

Just how innocent is the Kenyan media in the face of its publics? How much should we discern what we read and see? How different is the state from the press, when they survive in some sort of symbiosis? The government maneuvers the media to lay itself in good light; the media exposes the government and puts in information in a more shocking way to sell more newspapers. We are careful to whisper behind closed doors that the politics that brews in Kenyan newsrooms are not that disparate from those in bunge.

Just like the government, the press has been accused of corruption, malice and has played a big part of what Kenya is or is not today.

With the hands that puppeteers our media transcending ordinary, the press has many a times been culpable of not devoting much focus on the poor man’s plight. By doing so, the media: 1) denies a people a voice that would instigate change in governments or incite donors to assist towards sustained development; 2) the media might also ignite a sense isolation and hopelessness that many a times precedes violence.

Nonetheless, media ought to feel indebted to the poor man’s perpetual trust in what they hear on radio and see splattered as headlines. In developing countries, more people trust the media than their governments; this is according to a ten-country opinion poll for the BBC, Reuters, and The Media Center. For instance, people in the US have a 67% trust on their governance against the media, unlike developing countries like Nigeria where they trust the media 88% versus 34% on the government.

  1. felo says:

    kwwenda uko wapi link yangu..check mine n find yuas n u put mine or i chuck yoooooz ho hoh ho

  2. Petstan says:

    I agree. the media is an industry like any other where all outlets are profit driven. In an effort to highlight stories that sell (read sex, gossip, and politics et al), they just end up withj sensational stories…. we’ve seen that in Kenya.
    Ubaya, the media always affecxts society directly. Hapo ndipo shida iko.

  3. larrymads says:


    this is a totally great site. i will add your link to my sidebar, thanks for putting mine.

    About the blunting of the watchdog’s teeth, I believe you, like myself are in a good position to answer.

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