Last King of Scotland, Hotel Rwanda… a commerialized lie

Posted: April 7, 2007 in Entertainment

Be wary not to convert to a racist when you read the history of Africa,  Be wary that you are never cheated about your history by others who only wish to use it for their gain.

We still scramble for crumbles- what a shame- in a world where some of us believe that we are lesser. Did you know that the money that came of out British South African Company is what made Oxford University?
Indeed, Africa has made some for others, but none for itself.
Now some of their descendants are coming back to exploit the beauty and pain of our history to make movies! Make no mistake; I am a global citizen so I hate racial prejudice –problem crops when people serve against people’s reverence for their history.


Using our bloodshed tales to fool around and technique some imaginary tale. They write our history to fit their reality and ideologies, sad how we ever applaud them. The president of Uganda invited the creators of Last King of Scotland to tell a portion of the history of Uganda, I wonder what Ugandans have to say. Does that story reflect any glimpse of reality? The movie is simply a Western injudicious dogma about the African continent, following the tramps of the likes of Hotel Rwanda where the case was attributing the wrong hero to the genocide.

It is a dismay to see how these money hungry opportunists take advantage of our painful history and make it for their gain! How dare we celebrate such insensitivity without questioning it? Can we (Africa and all those who condemn such) do something to prevent folks from demeaning history.

  1. […] considers movies such as Hotel Rwanda and The Last King of Scotland a form of exploitation: It is a dismay to see how these money hungry opportunists take advantage of our painful history […]

  2. manuel iglesias says:

    I understand the movie industry gets profit from these films. I saw Hotel Ruanda, two weeks ago, and to me it represents a wider and memorial information to inform, all over the wars, that Ruanda has problems and Africa has problems and we the inhabitans of the rich countries has to enpowerer more support to Ruanda and Africa in all the ways we can. I am sorry, but probably the directors, actors and producers of these films I beleive they want the best to Africa when they decide to make it. By the way Hotel Ruanda denounced the passivity of our rich countries on the conflict. It is good for us the occidental citiczens to know it, and to protest for it before them. It is the same than nowdays is happening in Kinshasha, and our papers say nothing, but we write to them to published it. Relax.
    Manuel Iglesias – Spain

  3. Patty Wolfgang says:

    I leave a question: What are we, africans, african artists doing to write our history and teach it to our children?
    Until we dont do something it is only natural that others will and will profit from it for their own sake.
    What inittiatives could be taken by african artists and intelectuals?
    Suggestions please….

    • waxspell says:

      Its been two years since you made this comment and never responded.. that’s a great challenge to those of who call themselves artsist. Already in our country there have been good intitiatives TV/ Film programmes that document our history in a way we had never seen in text books. The stories are told by Kenyans about Kenya. That’s the best I could think of in our country. But definately there is still more to be done…

  4. amanda says:

    i believe strongly in pushing this movie into the school system, to teach kids about unneccessary hate. i know alot of people, including myself, who after watching this movie were very moved by this movie. i knew a genocide was going on, i didnt not know the depth of it. this movie helped me to realize what is happening over there..since then i have been to many many rallys for rwanda and sudan and other countries where this is happening. this movie isnt an exploit, its opening peoples eyes up to the horrors over in africa and other countries.

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