Big fish

Posted: April 22, 2007 in Life

Hi people last week there was so much tension in my life. I had applied to be Editor- in-Chief for our campus newspaper. I was sucked away by fright and the feeling climaxed during the handing over ceremony. So many prayers had been made and what was left were the…. drum rolls, I am the one. So this means I’ll writing more than before, to set a pace forth in writing. Thank you all who had my back. what’s next?… my predecessors kenyananalyst, olivermwandishi, kamary, zakayo, have forewarned me of the pressure that beckons.

  1. wchaney says:


  2. acolyte says:

    I dont know how much the involvement has changed but I do believe that with focus it is a do-able job. All the best!

  3. KA says:

    will stand with u in as much as depends on me / us.

  4. Larry Mads says:


    We’ll all be watching keenly from the sidelines to see how you do better than the last person like they always say.

  5. Oliver says:

    I will bw watching do not let me down remember I am waiting for you to succeed so that I get my chnace to celebrate then you can also enjoy the one year wait. But do not forget the media is about the ABCs but most importantly use your head…and be responsible for all your decisions.

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