Chris Rock

Posted: April 22, 2007 in Entertainment

I love Chris Rock’s stand up comedies, I don’t think anyone beats his talent. And the guy is aging with grace, his chubbier and has had his teeth replaced with a perfect artificial set…damn he looks good. I particularly like his satirical and intelligent way of looking into life, what he says about abortion, crime, rap, the US government….racism always hilarious but deep. However, the show is not over without a tip of racist jokes, something about Iraq, Blacks, whites, Asians……  I am not asking the comedian to change his style, I just noticed that he highly depends on racism to get the audience up in a roar. Then if you watch his movies and couple of his stand-ups, you’ll notice how often he recycles his jokes.

  1. acolyte says:

    I disagree, Chris Rock has a wider range of comedy than other black comedians, you should hear his jokes on other things like marriage and working. Funny as heck I tell you!

  2. aegeus says:

    I am with Aco on this one. Chris Rock is a versertile stand up comic as well as a hilarios actor. Any movie i see his name on you will be sure i will watch it!

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