Don’t you just lo-o-o-ve them haters?

Posted: May 15, 2007 in Life


My long days, and shortest nights…because of their plots…..Of my tears, and their shame ….

My joy, their spite and envy

My ambition, their threat….

My opportunity, their weakness, their foul

My silence- their victory, my greatest victory

They pursue such intents with so much fervor just to bring you down and watch you slither, it’s almost admirable. Yet you cannot overlook their significance in our individuality. Rise up, scuttle to your destiny and when the dust settles, you’ll realize it’s the hater you should have pitied.

Do you have a hater…you should…. But don’t make one.

  1. dkwin says:

    Haters are there and they will always be.. Kwanza like I have enough of them… But they always feed me the shit needed to be the best I am in life. that’s why I keep my head up…
    And you should too..

  2. waxspell says:

    thanks man, I’ve got a whole bunch of them

  3. FlantreX says:

    F L A N T R E X BlAcK MeTaL…

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