African Tsunami, they call it

Posted: September 21, 2007 in Culture


This is a Ranan Lurie Award Award winning Editorial cartoon with the theme African Tsunami. The cartoonist’s name is Alberto Sabat, the carton was published in a daily in Argentina. These international awards are supported by the United Nations.

Now, as an African what do you make of this?

  1. Hope says:

    Man they act like all Africans are poor are something. i’m African and I wear CLOTHES!! I just think sterotypes are so wrong

    • Ella says:

      I agree Hope. They take them as skinny, poor desperate people but we are the same as them. Just became Africa’s in poverty they take it we ALL r poor. I wonder if other countries painted them like this. They’d get pissed

    • maryann says:

      Thannnkk youu! I strongly agree

  2. arianit says:

    tsunami is a monster he killed milions person’s .
    i think to destroy tsunami because he isn’t destroy them.
    me vjen keq per shum persona qe vdiqen nga mbar bot.

  3. appauled says:

    i am appauled.

  4. Sophia says:

    i think its funny but true in the clothing at least give something to cover his butt

  5. Thomas says:

    i hate raicist people who make fun of other people

  6. Thomas says:

    i hate raciest people who make fun of others like africans are poor

  7. annoyed says:

    this is a very smart picture considering the climate out in africa, but i hate how the artist follows the sterotype that africans are like animals running around like monkeys with no clothes on. give africans some respect! they are people just like you and me. i’m 14 years old and in 8th grade and in the history classes they only talk about africans being enslaved which really embarasses me because i am black. why don’t they every talk about our accomplishments and the impact we made in society?

    • HeyJoe says:

      stereotyping is unavoidable 😀 the blacks will always be like this because of media. and because of media we have plenty of other stereotypes. Scotish will always be ginger, Irish will always be drunk, British will always have funny accent and weird manners, americans will always be fat and so on. it doesn’t concern anybody that you have your but covered with clothes. damn man, people ain’t stupid, they know that. everyone knows that not all the arabs are terrorists and not every jew has long beard and not every american black guy likes rap music and strawberry lemonade 😀 chillaxe man. life is beautiful.

  8. waffles says:

    im white

  9. Juan R. says:

    i’d love to help you guys, but I’m fighting my own battle; I’m Mexican!

  10. Puroxy says:

    I am South African and I think it is a very funny picture. I also think that people should stop searching for something that might or might not have a tiny bit of hidden “racism”, because like in annoyed’s case he is searching for racism or classification against himself.
    I personally do not support BEE (Black Empowerment) because it is racism to classify people by skin colour (I am black). I think we should just try to ignore skin colour and judge people by what they do and not how they look.
    If someone does do a bit of joking with another race, I think the joked on race should just ignore it and laugh along and not see it out of a skin colour based perspective but see it out of a personality based perspective.
    Now, to the picture, I think this cartoon is very funny because of the wave-shaped ground and the little kid standing in curiosity nest to it. The naked aspect is also funny.
    I know Zulu’s long ago used to be half naked and that is funny in a modern world. We still respest bushmen because of their great skills.
    I close this post saying that stop searching for racism, and see everything in another aspect.

  11. hushsoul says:

    Well ,that’s a pure view of it but a rather evasive route to take. I love dealing with life that way too, but just woke and realized it’s no fantasy…. To you the painting is hilarious, good for you. But then things aren’t always what they are at face value.

  12. Ed Darrell says:

    I think Sabat’s point, especially after the outpouring of aid to tsunami victims, was that we are ignoring kids in Africa hit by a different kind of disaster: drought.

    This wasn’t supposed to be a cartoon to invoke laughter.

    • Educated Canadian says:

      You nailed it on the head. It’s unfortunate that a stereotype was used to get the message across, but it is still a very powerful message.

  13. ady98 says:

    i’m white but the skin color doesn’t matter

  14. Ed Darrell says:

    You know, clothed or unclothed, African kids are getting hit with a tsunami of malaria. What is anyone doing about it, other than trying to blame in on Rachel Carson, a poor scientist who died 35 years ago?

  15. docfiji says:

    i think that this pic is trying to convey the climate in african deserts like the kalahari…and as such…the person portrayed is a kalahari bushman or child…who in many cases do not wear clothes and are malnourished (look at the person’s abdomen…typical of Protein Energy Malnourishment or PEM). in addition, regarding the clothes issue, it seems there is a tan line around the buttocks which means the person portrayed usually does wear clothes, at least a loincloth, but for some reason, in the picture, is not. instead of looking for hidden racism in the picture, i think we should applaud the artist’s understanding of the greatness of Africans in standing stoic when faced with invincible odds

  16. vaughn says:

    just cause hes black isnt it?

    …..i knew it. realisticaly speaking he could have 1 item of pants or shirt so i do believe that he could be wearing pants. BECAUSE he likes his wily and so he covers it up like a good little african. SO not all africans are completely naked. the tribal people have frikking straw and they dont even need us to live sos ponder on that!.

  17. Anne says:

    This isn’t a cartoon that’s supposed to make people laugh. And I definitely don’t think it’s supposed to be racist in any way. It deals with reality in a different way than we usually do and I think it’s a very clever way to do it. Even though some of you say that it’s stupid for people to picture Africans as poor, naked people, I don’t agree with you, coz there ARE poor, naked people and they ARE dying from hunger and AIDS and still it seems that the world needs a big chock -like the tsunami disaster – before its able to help. It’s sad but true.

    • maddie says:

      i think that this a unique picture showing how one tsunami can effect people and i do not think this picture is wrong in any way because in africa there are tsunami and they usually hit the poorers because they have not been informed…

      this picture is not racist neither is this nude or nasty this is a pure tsunami in africa…

      i hope you have understood…

  18. parvati says:

    Im an indian and this image has offeneded me quiet alot! How can anyone represent the africans like this!!! ma be this is not a racist picutre but it insults africans according to me.

  19. Ed Darrell says:

    How curious! The cartoonist highlights the sad condition of Africans, especially children, hit by a disaster of drought — and you’re offended by it? Why?

  20. BLACK says:

    racist c@#ts we grew here you flew here so get the f@#k off our land

    • keith says:

      Guys please build a bridge and get over it. Oh and mr black white ppl dont have wings boet. We came in a boat!!!

  21. Skooby says:


  22. Deeds says:

    i will piss in ur cup for this…………. BLACK AND PROUD

  23. Usama Bin Hijazy says:

    Ever wondered why the african countries are still POOR…its because the ELITE WHITE Class does want them to become rich. The White ELITES want slaves and Africans r their asset

  24. Ot says:

    Good artıstıc expressıon,Nıce paıntıng,talented creatıvıty..But com eon d artıst could hav wasted hıs talent on a dıfferent work.And not dwell on sensıtıve materıals such as thıs.Am BLACK and BEAUTIFUL,and ı have grown to understand that ı was created equally.And due to our hıstory whıch columınates ınto our experıence both as slaves ın the western world and also on our land,thıs has made me grow up ınto a conscıous,proud,black woman,who has lıttle tolerance for any trace of racı ı suggest the artıst be more careful next tıme.

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