No vacations in Africa…? Just thinking out loud

Posted: September 21, 2007 in Climate change


A continent that highly depends on tourism is in threat of the sector’s forecasted collapse. The price Africa would pay for their environment would be dear than what she has already ignored..

Rising sea levels could destroy an estimated 30 percent of Africa’s coastal infrastructure, according to a new UN report on the impact of climate change on the continent. Coastal settlements in the Gulf of Guinea, Senegal, Gambia and Egypt could be flooded, according to the report produced by the Secretariat of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Focusing on the highlighted countries, in Gambia, tourism is the second highest earner in foreign revenue while Egypt is said to have topped tables in terms of tourist revenue, which last year alone hit $7 billion!

The effects would be felt on the population, infrastructure, fishing and tourism. The damage would have befallen on that which generates money. And worse still the little that would have left would be diverted to combat these damages. .

Let’s pose and picture not only on the lost lives at the Coast when the unimaginable occurs, but also about the lost revenue. Let’s think of a demise of an industry. Africa’s loss is not only Africa’s problem but a global concern. If this cradle land that the world obsesses goes down, we would be in a catastrophe!

This directly translates to this: no honeys moons, no get aways – no investments . Our beautiful coastal hotels would be nothing but remains. Local and international tourism would have faced a big blow.

Ideally, the world is lucky that a death has been foretold. We need not to sit back, we need an alarm, and we need to fright and act.

What’s your role in this as a critic send me your views.

  1. waxspell says:

    mmh bet no one had.. 🙂

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