Another crime of passion

Posted: November 14, 2007 in Life

Hell hath no fury like a  ‘jilted’ lover who stabbed her campus boyfriend to death. The student, said to be from Baraton,  got winds that her boyfriend was cheating and decided to pay him a surprise visit.

“It is said that a brief confrontation ensued before the suspect pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed the student several times in the chest and stomach.” The Nation reports.“He died as he was being rushed to the university’s health centre.”

Isn’t this becoming cliche?  To a point that news editors prefer stuffing such in the brief sections and only finding place in noisy FM channels. Like I heard in Classic FM, a conspiracy between  two sisters to castrated a man (who is one of their husbands) to serve him a life long lesson. What’s with this craze? Our own Kaz, Project Fame contestant is a victim of this psychotic affairs when her ex allegedly posted her nude photos on the web. Most women being incarcerated is to due revenge on their male spouses for cheating or battering. The penalty I find a slightly unfair. I imagine the student is now serving in prison, probably 10 years plus, when she should have graduated and been somebody.

Piece of advise:

When you catch him or her pants down, call the tabloids as a way of hitting back- just as one micheiveuous somebody did to one boy,  code name…Ochilo.

… To be continued 🙂

  1. Seasons says:

    It is scary for that I can be killed for getting some on the side!!!

  2. Abiud Jack says:

    Can be easily dismissed as a lesson for our women folk, but i think dudes too got a problem with letting go&letting God.

  3. waxspell says:

    It’s even getting worse….

  4. postar says:

    hi find the topics hot n’ sizzlin

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