Posted: November 15, 2007 in Politiking

The ad hit backs between the aspirants are quickly picking up to be really stupid and childish, rendering them all DOMO ( the politicians have paying for air time to trash each other. So, to quickly paraphrase the meaning, Domo directly means mouth., in this case would mean “mouthy”, “empty words”, “full of lies”  ).

Whilst PNU and ODM have a point to make in their ads, they soon will lose the point.  I am always left to be simply entertained all in the name with little regard of political responsibility seen from either side. If we keep enjoying this, we could be fanning up a fire that’s its blaze will never be easily exhausted.

  1. oliver says:

    well spoken my dear
    but i wish u new that in advertising u can never be objective…messages will always be subjective and interpreted according the recepients political preferences….but at least u have not been shy to declare where u stand politically..
    Thanx now we know

  2. Franklin says:

    I con’t have put it better but with politics as they say its a dirty game this country is too young in terms of politics to go dipl;omatic Kibaki tried it wat did we say he is a coward ODM knows therew is something like sympathy vote so they take advantage its all in the spirit of “political fair play”

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