Posted: July 16, 2009 in Kenyan

The Kenya we hate:

SlumSadness and horrors rule by night. I lay to dream that death and tears won’t conquer my fights and one day, it’s going to be good; It’s going to be lovely. It bites my people  –Shot

Now they live life for Fridays, draining away sad days, smoking off a fucked day. Loving life by the needle, others living by and for the buckshot, dying for riddles. Now who’s the pawn in this gamble? Today is your cheerless, mines’ a fortune– Will it ever be good for both of us? The whole lot of us?Bomb

I’m cheated by this balmy slumber to wake into another blunder yet sunrise rays wait to re-awaken my faith.Praying that it’s going to be good, I know it will be lovely.                                                                                                    Pictures: Courtesy. Graphic re-touch: WaxspellKenyan mother holding her child

  1. Rev. Palemo Felisian Massawe says:

    I am really Puzzled!

    I have bee following the story of this man John Okello. I know for some reasons the eastern african leaders of his day were afraid of him that he would come back and take the country to himself.

    To me he look like he was a good man of war time, I don’t like the killing he did to the arabs but war is war, anything can happen. But why, I am a learned person from Tanzania and much interested in history from my primary education. I never heard anything like John Okello until I decided to search for the truth about Zanzibar Revolution.

    It also could be the pressure from Arab countries which caused the then leaders to forsake him but it was very unfair. I never can understand why such a magnificient man like him just be forgotten for good!

    Back in school we used to hear that Karume brought about the ZAnzibar Revolution, and so and so, but the truth he had nothing to do with it. I can name him as a thief of authority he was given heartedly by John Okkello. I am glad he was assassinated few years later because he really did get what he deserved. we heard so much about the “Bloodless” Zanzibar revolution, mh! today I have known the truth.

    If you ask me, I am so touched by this man, and if anything possible, let this website do anything to make the events of Zanzibar Revolution and its leaders known and not live to believe fallacy taught in our schools.

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