Rarely told story of John Okello

Posted: September 14, 2009 in African emancipation

After reading the book Revolution in Zanzibar as told by John Okello, a propagator of the Zanzibar revolution, I was left eager wanting more of this intrigue. I asked around, inquisitive of this man born in Uganda in 1937, orphaned at 11 years old and left to fend for his siblings at the age of 15. He moved across the border to Kenya where he worked for a couple years before relocating to Zanzibar in 1963. He worked as a manservant, gardener, bricklayer, painter (some say he even worked as a police officer in Pemba Island) and later became actively involved in Zanzibar politics. Noticeably, wherever he worked he instigated workers’ upheavals demanding for their rights. He was illiterate with only a modest understanding of English and Kiswahili; highly spiritual claiming that God had sent him to deliver the African man from oppression. It was speculated that Okello was trained as a communist in Cuba under Fidel Castro, a suspicion which he repeatedly denies in his book. Okello

This was also the same period when various African countries had their own crosses to bear – the emancipation from the White man rule -Kenya with the Mau Mau Uprising and previously Uganda which had just secured independence around the same time.

Okello says that the then East African Presidents, Milton Obote of Uganda, Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya and Julius Nyerere of Tanganyika (now known as Tanzania) locked him out of East Africa, he was arrested in Nairobi Kenya and was detained. He wrote his book from prison and believed to have died in his home country Uganda.

In Zanzibar, Okello landed himself of a job as a house painter, and became a member of the Painters Union. He had his devotees whom he met apparently met in secret; he stipulated austere rules: sexual abstinence, no raw meat and alcohol. He had several references from the bible, mostly alluding to the Old Testament.

He was later invited to join Afro-Shirazi Party which opposed minority Arab dominance in Zanzibar and Pemba islands. In early 1964, Okello ordered his men to kill all Arabs between 18 and 25 years of age, to spare pregnant and elderly women, and not to rape virgins. By this time Okello had gained a lot of popularity in both Pemba and Zanzibar Isalnds. With this support, Okello and his troop fought their way to the capital of Zanzibar, Stone Town, where the sultan lived intimidating even the police force. He took over the national radio, made a live speech demanding the Sultan, Jamshid bin Abdullah to kill his family, then kill himself afterwards;

“….I am thinking of going to Mtendeni (village) to destroy it if the people there do not obey orders. After 40 minutes I am coming to finish you off, especially the Comorians”. And “To all Arab youths living in Malindi; I will pass through Malindi armed with weapons of which I alone know. I want to see everyone stripped to his underpants and laying down. I want to hear them singing…father of Africans. God bless him in his task and that of the Field Marshall.”

Committe of 14

The self –proclaimed Field Marshal, led a coup that saw about 20,000 Arabs killed, and whose families had resided in Zanzibar for centuries. However, the sultan, prime minister and other ministers had already managed to escape. During this time, Afro-Shirazi Party leader, Abeid Karume leader of the (Arabic) Umma-(Massa) Party, sheikh Abdulrahman Muhammad Babu as prime minister (later: vice-president) had not been informed of the coup.

In his book, Okello relents on how he was disowned by Karume and Babu. He alludes to his Ugandan descents, unpopular Christian ideologies, amidst an Islamic dominated culture; communist suspicions that led to the sideline and later his rejection.

I’m curious as to why there is little mention of a man who was a key player on Zanzibar’s revolution. No East African media has a mention of this man. A massacre that saw 20, 000 killed and others forced to flee Zanzibar with a poorly armed army led by ‘field marshal’, John Okello. A man behind a powerful insurrection story of Zanzibar, I want to know why this story didn’t have a chapter in my history book. I want to understand why his death is hardly thought of let alone mentioned. Or are we scared of scuffling dust that settled more than 45 years, scared of that which we do fail to identify with?

  1. luke says:

    have you seen “zanzibar1964” on you tube? I was there when it all happened and my father was surgeon on the island and stayed on to tend the casualties.

  2. waxspell says:

    Actually I saw it on You tube too…the other side of the story from an Arab website (i think) who still want justice on the atrocities committed. Wow good to know u were there.

  3. Muntu says:

    Why you hear nothing about Okello, because those in power in Africa today are greedy cowards who are to preoccupied with raping the people to take any time out to teach African people about self-sacrifice for African people beyond tribalism. Look at Kenya, they don’t exalt Kimathi who lead Mau Mau, instead they have holidays for the stinking trash heap called Kenyatta and Moi. Okello was a real man, an African man of courage who used violence in a righteous way, not to enrich himself, but to free the Africans of Zanzibar from the Arabs.

    The stinking low life, lacking in moral integrity individuals we call African leaders today are made from a weaker mold then Okello, Kimathi, Lumumba, Biko, and the rest of the courage upstanding Africans who loved Africa and Africans more then they loved themselves.

    I pray that we give birth to more and more Okello’s, African warriors who will use righteous violence to get rid of the current decadent, small minded Africans leading our people astray into further tribal conflicts and underdevelopment, and corruption


    Thanks for this piece of information I have looked for it in a long time ,about a man who hailed from my village.Lira in northern uganda.This story I heard it some times back being told to some langi children by one elder .It got me inquistive into finding out if there are any records of this patriotic lango man in history books;but I have never come across. such an important record of a revolutionary man.Could some responsible bodies help bring this happenning into lime light,or even have it taught to our children in schools as part of their history lessons .We need to breed out more such people who realy think and love beyond their national frontiers and the tribe in which they are born,people who act by self wiil and drive to serve humanity beyond borders.

  5. waxspell says:

    Muntu and Joseph, yes I believe Africans need a people who think and live smart – beyond shallowness, greed and selfishness, who automatically will demand for leaders who portray a true sense of Pan Africanism and serve their people selflessly. If John Okello’s story was as I’ve read, then he tried being such kind of a leader and these are the kind of stories we need in our books. Not the doctored books that were set place to brainwash us by glorifying (some)false heroes.

  6. Martin Walsh says:

    Here’s a tiny part of his story, including some references that others may find useful: http://notesandrecords.blogspot.com/2010/07/okello-on-wasini-island.html

  7. Grace Okeng says:

    ‘Field marshal’ John Okello hailed from a place called Aloi in Lira District in Northern Uganda. He was a primary school drop out, who ventured into Kenya and later Zanzibar where he executed his coup. After the afro-shirazi leaders ganged and plotted against him, Okello returned to Uganda briefly. But because of his coup in zanzibar, he was feared and resented by all East African leaders of the time – Nyerere, Kenyatta and Obote and to them he was a persona non grata. As Obote never tolerated him , Okello vanished from Uganda and went to Kenya. He returned after Obote’s overthrow in 1971 and congratulated Idi Amin for taking over. However , what he did not know was that Amin was more dangerous than Obote and it is said he met his death in the hands of Idi Amin in 1972. May be someone out there has a correct account of his death.

  8. jacob ongoro says:

    IT is the same today ochuka Hezekia saw impunity and did something about it the rest of kenyans pretended about it only for the same to fight us back in 2007.ochuka was a hero.

  9. Mfuku says:

    I can’t believe you guys are speaking highly of this mass murderer!. He’s talking about raping women, killing every Arab 18 and 25 and comoroans. This is a hero to you?….what’s a righteous violence?

    How can you even praise this man?

    • seriously..thank you for this comment
      myself , i couldn’t imagine how they are praising this murderer.Jesus help us.
      and he didn’t spare the children as well, he killed them all.
      wow…and they are praising him, like he is a hero ??
      Oh God..africa has problems.
      May You help us Jesus.

      • ALWATCH says:

        You are the type of people africa does not need! You don’t even know your god.., jesus? He would never help you. That is white man’s shit or is it myth!

    • Mbuthia Ngina says:

      All history world over, including the bible or the Quran, the hero must kill. Why this Okello
      Man is praised is what happened say like inSouth Africa, Belgian Congo etc. where hundreds of thousands were killed by the whites. When what was wrongly done to the Africans is also done to these whites, then we feel even!

  10. Tike James says:

    John Gideon Okello was a great man to anyone who knows how Arabs treated blank Africans right from the slavery time…rest in peace the great son of Lango

  11. ocen Douglas says:

    John Okello was and still is the best revolutionary Africa has ever had, no race should and ever kill Africans with impunity and get away with it. I personally, i am completely enraged by the way Europeans are expanding their military bases in Africa in the name of combating terrorism. we had had them here in our motherland as terrorist, all sorts of atrocities were committed against black people in the name of civilization. so who ever is glorifying such brutes should leave Africa sooner and go to America or UK. Its not our intention as black people for either Arabs OR Europeans to make as Heroes but in case of need we will always be, provided the struggle is for our brothers and sisters wherever they need us. The only language imperialist understands is that of the gun so no one should go around pleading for justice, as any one angry enough in pursuance for freedom can do it and more so dedication is better than technology. we should learn to believe in redemption through sacrifice. FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY.

  12. Dr Maina Thadeo Obong'o says:

    Duh, OKELLO was a wonderfull man, sasa why Karume did not include him in his cabinet , while he knew he was the leader of the revolution.
    uchu wa madaraka kumbe umeanza zamani, African leaders are there for nothing but for their own interest.

  13. Woto Ogwal says:

    Anyone lamenting that Okello was a murderer does not appreciate what Black African’s endured due to slavery which the Arabs were the Middle men!.
    What Okello did is not for mere man to judge, what goes around comes around, Africans have for long been abused ,raped, at the hands of Arabs and white colonialists to this very day and as such we need God to gives us more Okello’s to free us from all the en-slavers that bound our people today.
    Just ask your self why Africa is the largest raw material resource for the developed world and its people waddle in poverty?, that’s why we need just two more John Okello’s otherwise Africa is domed .

  14. Jade says:

    They are all just a bunch of niggers! Africa without European or Arab rule is SHIT. Look at it now. Zanzibar was decent under the Arabs and British. Now, it’s a dump like the rest of Africa. Raping women, killing civilians, these are animals who aren’t human! In The DRC, 5+ Million killed in just 5 years! This is ONE example of many as to why Black Africans can not govern themselves.

    • Bwambuga Wamboka wa Balongo says:

      You are absolutely right because they acted with orders from George Bush of US, Tony Blair of UK, François Mitterrand of France, to mention but a few. These men are all pure silver eyed white nincompoops.
      Long live your comments Jade (white trash).

  15. obong john says:

    The debate about Okello has sparked an interest inside of me.His home village is just one hour fromLira town, where I work. will travel there and get first-hhand information about this controversal figure.There are still old men and women who remember some facts especially in the period after his return from Zanzibar till he was murdered by Amin in 1971. Otherwise I admire his courage and apparent humility. The Zanzibaris should not ignore or downplay his contribution to the revolution. I promise to give my findings to the world.

  16. George Omodings says:

    Atleast i have learnt something about Okello today,have been longing about it.Its unfortunate our young generation are not hearing completly about this great Lango Man

  17. Shirakzuupeh Smith says:

    Dear lord you are the biggest hippocrites in the world. You are praising Okello for his mass murdering. Because the Arabs killed and enslaved you, you are going to do the same to them. How in the blue blazins is that ok you jackasses? Also righteous violence? The only righteous violence is the killing of bastards like Okello, Bin Laden and Housane all those bastards deserve to die and that is righteous violence…

    • John Okello1964 says:

      The reality is that humans are animalistic as they are animals of course.
      Thank goodness Africa has Okellos as well as Mandelas as Africans can not be seen to be always only weak and victims.

      People always took Africans for granted because Africans are too nice and trusting.
      Nice people are usually the ones taken for granted and mistreated at the hands of bad people.
      He did a great and good thing for Africans as they can also be hated for being feared now which is a good thing as you need a ballance in life. Arabs and other non Africans will not take the so called proverbial piss as they used to with impunity.

      Long live the memory of JOHN OKELLO (12/01/64) the great!
      Whether you like it or not.

  18. Tom Woehnker says:

    ^ Amen Brother

  19. zinjbary says:



    • Bwambuga Wamboka wa Balongo says:

      You see Zinjbary,
      I can testify that that aspect of this story is not accurate. The coup in Zanzibar was bloodless, and it took only ten minutes and it was over. I have first hand information on this coup from its plot to execution to the time FM John Okello left Unguja (Zanzibar).
      In brief, Bwana Okello was a Policeman in Kenya (then East Africa Protectorate, while Didi Amin was in KAR. The two knew each other very well. You might also add that Milton Obote was a politician in KANU, and he knew him pretty well.
      Things for Okello came to a head when Kenya got its Independence. Okello then left Kenya for very unclear reasons, and ended up in Zanzibar. For those who know another Okello of the Uganda Police Band, (the two were together in the East African Police in Kenya).
      But to cut a long story short, when Okello staged the coup in Unguja (Zanzibar), Karume was aware, plus many other people who wanted the Sultan out of Zanzibar because of the increasing Arabization of the Island.
      The coup was well received, but later puritanism started sneaking in. Everybody had though Okello was a Tanganyikan, or Kenyan and was okay in Zanzibar. But somehow the truth about his true identity came out, and those who had welcomed him turned against him, and they increasingly wanted him prosecuted. Uganda was not a popular name in Unguja. But he officially but unceremoniously handed over power to Karume. The reason being he did not want any blood; his job was done.
      That was how he then left Uganda to come back to Uganda. His problem with Obote was that from the beginning he thought Uganda needed a revolution to quell the uneasiness being caused by the many rumors spreading around Kampala. These rumors started way back in Nairobi. But anyway, he eventually went back to Kenya to join his family which he had there. He had two children in Kenya who lived there forever.

      Yes he came back in Uganda during Idi Amin’s reign, but did not die, or was not killed. He kept on going in an out of Uganda during the reign. In fact I met him in 1977 in one of those trips. this time he had been in Tanzania, and joined the underground to remove Iddi Amin. He died after Amin was removed, in 1979. He had stated farming in Lira. He was the one who started the Citrus farming in that part of Lango. As for his story, for those who read the earlier History Book titled “A thousand years of East African History”, much was written about him. I think the Author was Mr. Wright of Oxford or Cambridge University. This books are now hard to come by.
      Thank you.

  20. Agoi says:

    Correction Grace Okeng; Field Marshal Okello comes from Ogo Wiye village which is about 15 miles from Aloi.

  21. I want to know more about this crude soul miserably bastard.

  22. kozz says:

    seriously i dont think none of you know the real story of what this barstad have done… imagen your mother was raped by one of this mans men how would that make you feel??? would you still praise him and worship him?? seriously what you dont really have knowledge of is better left unknown

    • John Okello1964 says:

      Yes we all know the truth, he taught Arabs and other non Africans not to take the proverbial piss in another person’s house.

      He taught those particular Arabs that Africans can bite back if mistreated.
      Those that know are so proud of him. Why do other peoples always expect not only to have their own house but to go to Africa and try to have control their too.
      Thank goodness for Okello as he taught both Africans and non Africans a dear lesson.
      If others don’t want to share in their own house, if others mistreat you in their house don’t let them come to rule in yours.
      That way Africans can be respected because they treat others in the same way others treat them.

      Sometimes to fight fire with fire is good. Look at the Vietnamese, Chinese and North Koreans.
      No one plays games with those great and wonderful people the way they played with Africans.
      We are just too nice to others and not nice enough with our own.

      Long live the memory of John OKELLO (12/02/64) the great!

  23. Ned65 says:

    The black Africans have always been the biggest exploiters of their country and its people. Look at Zambia (previously prosperous Northern Rhodesia) , Zimbabwe ( gone down the pan with Mugabe), Kenya ( incompetent self serving politicians) , South Africa ( worse now than ten years ago) ……I could go on

  24. Godoni says:

    I am neither entertained by not mentioning john okello in 49 annivesary of zanzibar revolution.i do believe he is worth praising.

  25. jimiboi says:

    John Okello was a man leading a life of delusions of grandeur. In his book he publicly takes responsibility for the mass murder of thousands of people, justifying it as being directed by God for crimes committed in the past. He was clearly somewhat psychologically “not there.” He was inculcated with the historical narratives that were being discussed in Zanzibar and the coast of East Africa during the zama za siasa, and used them to justify mass murder. His book is not a good source for what actually happened during the “revolution” (better described as a pogrom) because he gives himself too much credit which does not align with other sources or the aftermath of January 1964. Instead his book is better used to see how people justify mass murder before and after committing the crimes from a psychological and historical perspective. Yes, Zanzibar was a slave port in the 19th century for Arab slavers in East Africa. Thousands, if not millions of people were collected in the interior (generally by local African political units, only sometimes Arab slave caravans), brought to the coast, taken to Zanzibar, and sold to French, Dutch, South African and Arabs who took them to the Middle East and Indian Ocean islands. These terrible things happened. But the way Okello describes it is much exaggerated, which is how he justifies the atrocities he committed or at least inspired with his radio broadcasts during the first few hours of the “revolution.” He assigns blame that should be on a few individuals who benefited from the trade to a whole population. I do not think we can use the crimes of the past to justify the crimes of the present. If everyone in the world did this, the whole world would just kill each other.

    Unfortunately we will never know the truth about the “revolution” (who organized the political side, were the mass murders organized, what degree of organization, by who?), but it serves as an example of how we must always strive for moderation in politics and be careful what we print in our newspapers and what rumors we chose to spread. Extremists and radicals must be exposed as such so reasonable rational debate can occur. Okello is not a hero. He is a radical who (at the very least) advocated mass murder, and probably was instrumental in unleashing the terror of January 1964.

    • Andrew says:

      RIP John Okello the first Lango tribe field marshal.
      Nevertheless, coming from a very poor peasant family background with primary four education stopped Okello from liberating the Zanzibarians.

      It brings to the 2nd Lango Heros including Lte Apollo Milton Obote who unveil indipendence to Uganda in 1962.

      Let’s imitate the challange Okello has exhibited.

      Africa, Africans

  26. Claire says:

    As some of you may know, Okello made a series of radio broadcasts from Janurary to March 1964 first in the name of the revolution and then as spokesman of the Revolutionary Council. I have only been able to find some extracts of these in the British National Archives, and I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find more extracts? I am particularly interested in the ones he made the 12th, 13th and 14th of January.

    I am doing research on the revolution at my university, and while Okello is not the subject of my research, i can tell you a couple of facts, that I leave for you to judge. He was responsible for the murder of between 10,000 and 20,000 people, both Arabs and Indians. He never took bribes from outside nations, like Karume and Hanga (from China). He got rid of a most hated government that was pretty much set up by the British, with the help of (biased) laws to uphold their legitimacy. He was a source of instability, so much that Western powers, especially Britain and the USA, seriously considered a military invasion of Zanzibar. He was a source of stability by supporting Karume and preventing the possibility of a counter-revolution.

    • Hi Claire,

      Just curious – with what Uni are you doing research and what is the title/subject of your project? I also did research on Zanzibar, looking at the Zama za Siasa (the period before the revolution from 1957 to 1964 when ethnic tensions built to a boiling point during a series of electoral competitions) and the narratives that were created on Zanzibar that led to the mass murder of 1964, specifically the themes of alienation, victimization and vulnerability. I used the newspapers Afrika Kwetu (the main ASP paper) and Mwongozi (the main ZNP paper) in addition to files in the archives in Zanzibar. Unfortunately I didn’t get to London, so I’ve got to say I am pretty jealous you are there looking into something that I find so morbidly fascinating! I actually grew up in Tanzania, which is why I had the opportunity to visit the archives in Zanzibar, even though I did the bulk of my work from my undergraduate university (Denison) in the United States.

      In terms of the radio broadcasts, I think that either Anthony Clayton on Lofchie mentions that the BBC southern Africa service took recordings of the broadcasts as they happened. Being in the UK you may be able to find these. Check Clayton and Lofchies books as I think both are pretty good and not as biased as alot of writing on Zanzibar. First and foremost though, Jonathon Glassman just came out with an EXCELLENT book called “War of Words, War of Stones” in which he addresses the building and climax of racial/ethnic animosity on Zanzibar, looking specifically at the June 1961 riots for which there are many more historical records (specifically the transcript of the court cases held i believe in September of that year. 3 copies still exist, one in Tanzania, one in UK and one in US. I got the US one for my research and it was invaluable). Sorry if you didn’t want to hear any of this, I just think Zanzibar is one of the most fascinating and awesome places in the world (albiet I do have a bias from growing up in Tanzania). In fact I was just there for about two weeks a little while ago and I’ve got to say it is just such an awesome place if you can escape the Italian tourist bullshit. I would love to hear more about your research. If you want to contact me further my email address is courtrightjames08@gmail.com.

      • Claire says:


        I am at the London School of Economics, and my undergraduate dissertation’s title is ‘Revolution and Union: British Foreign Policy in Zanzibar, 1964’. So unfortunately it is not related to your area of interest I believe, for I focus on what Britain did to try to influence the course of events in Zanzibar and why they failed.

        Interestingly enough, I am missing the Zanzibar part of my story, for I could not get to the archives there myself- I have come across the book by Glassman, but again my reserach is on British foreign policy, so I don’t really talk about issues of race and ethnic tension (i of course mention it as part of the explanation of the revolution).

        Thank you for your advice on the radio broadcasts- I will certainly try that! Many books mention them but I do need a full record, especially in terms of chronology- and Clayton only mentions the most radical ones to show that he was a mad person. I am not interested in analysing Okello, I am rather interested in what the British thought of Okello.

        The issue with Clayton is that he could only know half of the story- most of the documents gor realised either in 1994 or 2004- so his information is not 100% accurate. The most obvious example is the fact that he does not mention British military plans to invade Zanzibar, as he of course could not know about these.

        Zanzibar is an amazing place and I do hope to go back- I am learning Swahili and it is time I practice it!

      • waxspell says:

        Hi Claire,

        I know my response is way overdue. The story of Okello is certainly one that is under-told, with insufficient documentation. That is probably owing to the low literacy levels and a general lack of inquisitiveness. By all means, I am still curious to know the story and I wish I could help further but my information is based on the book review. I will appreciate if you do share more of the findings from your study.


  27. ALEX OKII-JAGO says:

    OKELLO comes from Aloi where I also hail from and we always hear people talk about him but much is not known especially to the young generation. Please, any one with the information about his biography should assist and let me know. thanks

    • Momo says:

      Okello kills even unborn kid of African and Arabs guys come to Zanzibar see what hell now because of one bustard


    I feel so proud to revise my thought on African Nationalism. Most importantly when i look at my self as a lango, Okello John Field Marshal and Dr. Apolo Milton Obote, Brig. Oyite Ojok, Ogole and the rest plus the history of lango, I realise that BRAVE in Uganda has its clear origin from lango. The Government of Uganda has completely forgotten about some of those prominent nationalist and instead burned off their history whereabout. Why cant the government ofuganda do some remarkably memorable appreciation to the remaining family members of okello field marshal whom they are fading up at Eyama village,Aloi Sub county,Alebtong District Formaly Lira District. I beg the government to at least put for them a structure or a building to also promote the intrest of potential nationalist instead of wastind funds on less important court issues.

  29. gak says:

    I praise him..
    Mkuki kwa nguruwe… otherwise Zanzibar wouldn’t get freedom until 1o or so… years afterwards. Coz the Karumes were asleep during
    the so said revolution!!!. And hadn’t guts even to say nyoko in front of a pregnant Araian woman…

  30. etuku jimmy onyok says:

    john gideon okello was born in lango lived in aloi and akamdin village found in abongatin amugo sub county.He is related to late David onyok etuku former Moroto county member of parliament.He is from palamyek clan.Amins soldiers killed him and his remains have not been found.He left behind Irene his wife now living in aloi near baya bridge and three children two boys and one girl.Yeko okello and other brothers are still alive

  31. Morris Etuku Okello says:

    My Great Grandfather Lives, My Name Is Morris Etuku Okello The First Grand Son To John Gedion Field Marshal Okello, I Want To Thanks Everybody Who Remembes And Appreciate The Great Thing My Grand Papa Did In Zanzibar And Pemba Now Tanzania, Mr Okello’s ( Rip Papa), Birth Name Was Etuku, And His Father Was Called Onyok, Now You Can Remember The Former Moroto Mp The Late Onyok Etuku, Okello Had His Brother That He Loved Most Called Yeko Okello ( Rip) Who Used To Call Me Ojuk, His Dad’s Pet Name,( Hahaha I Dont Know The Meaning But I Love That Name), Okello Field Marshal Was Born In Alir Otuke District Where The Uganda People’s Defence Force Is Now Occuping , Okello Raised In Akamdini Amugu Sub-county Ajuri County Alebtong District, Later He Got A Land In Iyama Aloi Sub-county Alebtong Where His Widow And Children Lives, His Children Includs 1, Okello Alfred (RIP). 2 .Atoke Lilly. 3 . Acom James, aka Acon Yoweri (RIP),. 4, Gracn Akao., Thanks Long Live Papa Long Live Lango Long Live Tanzania.

  32. I hope he and the others with his lots Karume Babu etc. burn in eternal hell fire with the atrocities committed and it was ethnic cleansing even before the Burundi and the killing machines even of blacks against fellow blacks! So what they did with The Coniving British Colonialists is not surprising.

    The Truth is out with This Book by an Insider Aman Thani Fairouz titled Zanzibar Tragedy on the so called Progressives Communists supported stupidly by The British Colonialists envious of Arab Muslims. See the row about a simple job like a Pakstani beingthe Mayor of London and all the Islamophobias. France have Muslim cabinet members…and no row!

    The book here Free Download http://www.zinjibar.com/zanzibartragedy Not Okello even in death greed of the book by him costing 200 dollars.

    No one can trust the British Colonialists with secret agendas always.m

  33. Sabry salim Hamed Al Barwani says:

    How can you people Hail this person as an African Hero, he helped in a mass slaughter of thousands of innocent people Arabs n Africans, and until that faitful day Arabs n Africans were living side by side peacefully, ZANZIBAR got its independence through its people as one, zanzibar was never like south Africa or Kenya before independence total rule of one race, sorry but you readers you’ve read of only what you want to hear from one side only. The late president Abeid Karume saw the evil side of Okello, this man didn’t want to enslave Africans from the so called their masters, he had a deep hatred of Islam and Arabs. His vision or plans backed fired on him for zanzibar was and still is 98% Islam. Peace n love.

  34. Ochieng Ojwang says:

    Great African son liberator

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