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25th November 2009

Right now, my aspiration to write is as good as my need to eat devoid of appetite. As a doodler would doodle without pondering, I write to arrest ideas I fear may sway away by the twists of day. I squiggle, to overlook the issue – bored rigid and I have reason.

He was here to take back his headphones that I borrowed and obsessed. Now that they are gone, boredom has crept in to fill up the gap. The world is a quiet place, in this cubicle. The headphones amplified my moments behind the cubicle; sweet music engaged me to work in profound focus. With the beats, I was a knack with the keyboard hitting it from erotic reflections to political insights.

They could sip out goodness from direness like Mondays. Now they are gone, wondering how I survived in lack.

I need those headphones back… 😦

  1. Cold Turkey says:

    Wow! That is what is called Poetic Prose. You actually feel like it’s a chant accompanied by synchronised drum beats, honestly. Can he bring the headphones back! If not, I’ll give you mine…for good.

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