… CLASS TWO in the LOO

Posted: April 8, 2010 in It's not that serious

Memory of an Arachnophobic

A story about me in a new school in Class two in an afternoon at 2. After having my lunch at the school cafeteria my belly was acting up. I wasn’t sure where the toilets were I was led by the stench.

I strode into this corridor, steamed up in this wacky smell. A yellowish knit spider web hung firmly, right at the entrance, on the ceiling seemingly being held by her ‘burnisheness’ the black widow, herself. And as I stood there wavering, when the other pupils walked in daringly,  unnerved by the widow’s presence.

In time, I garnered courage and hopped in, careful not to skid across this gloomy slimy floor. Swinging the first door, what I saw was enough to roll a grown man crackers. I chocked.

There was a blanket of them. Green eyed buzzing flies mining in their  favorite  food.  I banged the door right back, and carefully opened the second loo.

A different revelry of flies, huge and fleshy they even had fur, with seemingly facial expressions and speech as opposed to buzz. I was stuck in the in the damn loos. I stood still figuring how in this world I’ll ever step out of the toilet while the widow was sleeping up the ceiling, just where my break out from hell stared….

  1. Nice… creative juices back I see.

  2. davis marsh says:

    hahahah awesome….

  3. wagithina says:

    ha ha ha..this is some crappy and really imaginative shit!!

  4. Di says:

    Wakasa !! This is Creepy. The kind i can relate to perfectly. Awesome

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