You can listen to her heart beat, when she speaks You thaw right under her feet

Posted: April 22, 2010 in Poetry

From the corner of her eye

And the slyness of her shy

From the quiet laughter she makes

And the swagger in her mystery

Wishing she’d paddle your paltry life and pat you under her skin

Silken and cushioned

Her gentleness, confirmed by her bosom

When she hurts she burns in rant and rave

But she’s never damaged

Sits strong and stands tall

Her tenor is bright and so are her eyes,

When she’s cheerless; it’s a clog of grief

Save for with a giggle; the world’s a jamboree,

… And in time you see

How truly royalty she is

  1. wagithina says:

    Only she knows….Only she knows…

  2. We would love to publish this on the Princess Project (K) if you would let us! It is beautiful!

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