This book

Posted: July 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Photo credits: Courtesy.

As we single out books from shelves

Scanning on pages

Guessing by the covers

Straining ours eyes just to make sense of these premises

We carry along lessons, building our ideologies

As we sit in this dim lit room

Rapt by the intrigues of this big book

Where the plot is, but is not as obvious as it seems

And our breaths bait not knowing what the next line would read

We are silent, wondering, if this re-lived would make a great movie

What a brilliant actor and a haunting performance of color

This could be one legend

Flashes and limelight, Smiles and tears,

Flash and snap out of fantasy

What a book I am reading

So gripped I’d swear I’d want to read it forever

Slugging the pace of flipping to next pages

While toning rhymes sway in the wake of scenes

And stunning visions of the descriptions play

A slap of flash-backs to relay previous episodes

Secretly petrified by chapters that sit awaiting to open up

Restlessly foretelling its climax

Afraid of its complete relation


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