Life’s next mischiefs

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Poetry

We forever keep marveling at life’s obscure sense of humour

Accustomed to grief, dine with sorrow

Fiery ferocity

Deluging waterworks

Sensually until it blossoms to bliss

Loving the taste of it

And the self-embrace between covers

Quivered up with indefinable grief

Coupled with fond thoughts of yesterday

Bloodshot and swollen eyes

Exposing a bleeding soul

A Wondering spirit

Who makes it a student of time

And a disciple to heaven’s sent conviction

And a hush enthusiast to hades

In it you smile at the oddest

In gracefulness you mould your fortitude

And cry and forgive like a child.

In time your reflection reveals, a wondrous sculptor, your own art

That’s Life’s obscure sense of humor, that cycles round and round

Until then… …. Let’s keep our diaries open, our intentions disclosed and hearts exposed to life’s next mischiefs

  1. Cold Turkey says:

    Authentic as usual

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