Posted: June 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Take a moment to think that

Somewhat the bliss you beget

May also be the joy you effect?

The blessings your way

And the hearts you break

Besides on the reflections of regrets

I am just eagle-eyed of the next steps

Just how to do it best

And forgive and ask for the same

And my poetry in the night

Becomes conscience by day

And this inspiration so long delayed

The souls I love

I wonder what they paint of me as they slumber

I miss them, summer times, my Summer


Then the thought seizes

Good memories are not just departed recalls

But more of which can be made, regenerated

As we marvel on this cycle’s next steps

You ask when I can I ever be my best

It’s now, I say, for as long as it ever takes…








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