Eulogy of the living

Posted: October 7, 2014 in Uncategorized


See, my mother tells me I started drawing when I was 2 years old, but my memories of self-expression are most vivid when I was 8 and 9 when my childhood friends were – Wanja, poultry, imaginary, and dolls. Yes I was a weird kid.I recall my love for singing games and my fascination with graffiti. We all loved art – Zab, Asiko, Edward and I. And we would all sit together on the dining table, holding something that would scribble against paper (or white walls). Asiko, drawing paddling ducks, Edward sketching cartoons, I would have sworn he was the next Gaddo, and Zab, well Zab I was sure he was the next Mr. Bean.

I remember my orientation into the hip hop culture, (which I stupidly interpreted as a strong disinclination to good slow rhythm and blues, or any genre that didn’t say guns or f*ck. . .

At 10, I was a closet lover for performing arts as long as I dismissed any murmuring confidence to possess any dexterity. But somehow my self-doubt was defeated by that deep-deep hanker for theater and dance. Well, I played two roles as a back stage act and crowdcast when Uvundo won the best play. Our director always told us that we are all leads. So I was simply happy, I really did feel part of the we who had really made it. Fast forward to high school I had to bootleg the script for our inter-house drama festivals, and that where it came  – my Lupita Nyong’o moment. Best Play, and best performing artist in the inter-house drama festivals.

My aloofness for sciences worried everyone but me. During Math or Chemistry, I’d doodle, clown, and disturb my deskmate, zone out, black-out (and yes mostly in that order). I never saw the significance of calculus, barometers, and pipers. How would I, when I had the finest Art and Design Class, Year 2002?  At one point John Kiarie, (aka KJ) was our Art Teacher, who made us the most coveted class, so much that bored-paraffin-spike-resilient students actually stalked him.

Somehow i made it to Campus, I would have flopped if it wasn’t for these sweethearts Floice Ondik and Esther Chege, who would wake me up at 5am to crush course KSCE exams. And while the rest of State House was busy choosing their dream Campuses, I was very busy, busy swimming.

And as I mark-timed afore Campus days, I spent many days in Angaza Theatre Arts, life was seemingly becoming richer in faith and on stage. These firming foundations would keep on in Daystar where I fell in love, with lovers of journalism and journalism.

Along the way I have met many remarkable people and tagged lessons worthy of note . This is no rehearsal, I say. So as I move forward I reaffirm my beliefs, murder the doubts (and maybe) tone-down the vanity.  I have loved and truly been loved, I have loved and hurt instead, in return, I have hurt and been loved right back, such is life. I turn on this switch celebrating life, laughter, friendship – my life and those of others, who were, still are or those who are no more. I marvel at these many extensions and diversity of thy paths that I have sometimes guessed, chanced, failed or achieved.

I am a daughter, friend, and a sister

I am a Libra.

I cry, I laugh, and I smile –I learn, so I must be a child.

Who am I? A story teller

A feminist – I defy,

Above all, I am Wakasa, and proud mama of Summer.

  1. Naomi Wanja says:

    Will always enjoy reading your thoughts.You make words come alive.You take me to days gone and make the memories seem like yesterday.You have a briliant mind.Im proud to know you

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