Cash for Coverage

Posted: January 18, 2016 in African emancipation, Media, The press

Revolution will not be televised.jpg

In developing countries, more people trust the media than their governments; this is from a past report based on a ten-country opinion poll for the BBC, Reuters, and The Media Center. For instance, people in the US have a 67% trust on their governance against the media, unlike developing countries like Nigeria where they trust the media 88% versus 34% on the government.

Which got me contemplative, just how innocent is the media in the face of its public? How much should we discern what we read and see? The hard reality is that there are more than a few cases of journalists accepting money from people or agencies which they’ve interviewed, or are doing stories about. An extreme issue for the profession and quite a raw deal for the unsuspecting public. Ethics versus survival, it seems difficult for many to take the high road, especially when, “everybody else does it….”

Indeed, it is a single problem with many faces that would need a communal approach: How do we collectively salvage ourselves from this deep rooted culture of corruption (that is not just unique to Africa)? What can we do better or more assertively to address this dark side of journalism?

…. Cash For Coverage discusses: Enjoy Your Read!


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