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Posted: July 17, 2007 in Invo
The team Invo Editorial 06/07

The team Invo Editorial 06/07

So the big fish is in trouble even before she plans to settle in the newsrom in  August. Anyway, what we have planned for the Invo pond is big…we’re so going color God bless this. We’ve never been this serious.  So all you bloggers who happen to  Invo alumni I hope you’re reading this.

Big up to Invo guys who made it to NMG interview we’re proud of ya’ll!

  • Chief Mathenge
  • Gakii
  • Milly
  • Jonathan
  • Philo

Out of 30 interviewees they took 8 Daystar students, 5 of whom are from the big pond.Niajez2Niajez3Niajez5Osore