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Memory of an Arachnophobic

A story about me in a new school in Class two in an afternoon at 2. After having my lunch at the school cafeteria my belly was acting up. I wasn’t sure where the toilets were I was led by the stench.

I strode into this corridor, steamed up in this wacky smell. A yellowish knit spider web hung firmly, right at the entrance, on the ceiling seemingly being held by her ‘burnisheness’ the black widow, herself. And as I stood there wavering, when the other pupils walked in daringly,  unnerved by the widow’s presence.

In time, I garnered courage and hopped in, careful not to skid across this gloomy slimy floor. Swinging the first door, what I saw was enough to roll a grown man crackers. I chocked.

There was a blanket of them. Green eyed buzzing flies mining in their  favorite  food.  I banged the door right back, and carefully opened the second loo.

A different revelry of flies, huge and fleshy they even had fur, with seemingly facial expressions and speech as opposed to buzz. I was stuck in the in the damn loos. I stood still figuring how in this world I’ll ever step out of the toilet while the widow was sleeping up the ceiling, just where my break out from hell stared….