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A soldier’s valor

Posted: March 4, 2007 in Kenyan heroes

I had about Neema Ntalel’s miscarriage even before the dailies. It’s not something that I am bragging about. I am just in a campus where gossip travels like bush flames (o, did I mention that I am a student-journalist for the campus newspaper, that does it). So I am in the same campus Neema was in and believe me the ‘girls’ (hmmm….) are talking, as they always have and forever, will. So you can imagine the kind of arguments and opinions that have seeped out different people, concerning the songbird. Well, I cannot refute that I, too, was stunned by upon hearing the scandal.

But before any procedures, let’s us agree that by virtue of Neema being a public icon, she stands the test of the public. That’s explains the fuss in our Kenyan tabloids.
Observably, some people were delighted with the grapevine, not because Neema was despised; in fact, she was the best songbird in Campus. Her confidence and arrogance was something to envy. So why the excitement? I neema-2.jpgwill tell you. It’s simple- inferiority complex to the dust, the news just made some feel better, holier, luckier…prettier…

It’s like a mob justice in the Nairobi streets, it’s the same crooks, robbers who whack the unlucky pickpockets and the prostitutes caught in town. It’s a nasty human culture.
So, I spot some Pharisees casting stones. It’s the Christians, the ‘religious’ Christians. Forgiveness is a costly thing, yet God is quick to pay fully! Humans are the hard broke asses, to pay for the forgiveness price. We just can’t forgive easily. So when the guiltiness dawns upon us, we fear the haughty looks from the religious eyes? So we feel that we have betrayed the Church. It’s healthy for Church members to stay accountable, but are we not taking it too far, folks? Then how is it that even when it is obvious that God has forgiven we still cling upon others people mistakes like we lack any? Let’s face it; it is not every girl who has sex gets pregnant. In fact the clever ones who know their way around, get lucky!
It comical that we deal with consequences of sex, trust me she is not the only Church girl who’s ever been naughty.
Not that it that makes it right.

It is true that man made religion, God made Christianity. Christianity is love. Some say that Neema has made the Church to look bad. I imagine that’s the religious approach to it. Instead, let’s look at her in God’s eyes. How do you look at others in God’s eyes? Use the same eyes to look at yourself. That’s why I say Neema is great.
Neema is great unlike some Bishop who kept contradicting her statements in public; unlike some other musician who was too nippy to hit back at the media when busted. She didn’t retort; she faced it. What impressed me is her response during an interview; when asked who is responsible she said that “she is”. Not the devil, not the boyfriend.
Exactly how many can unflinchingly stand up to their bungles? We are scared of the manifestations of our mistakes. I saw soldier’s valor.