We are pendulums; we are unbending depending on the hypocrisies and/or sincerity we value, from whichever side of the fence we sit. Our sentiments are swayed by issues we consider pertinent; or stifle to those we deem irrational. This is what public views do. Shared opinion parades all sorts of thinking, some are appreciated, or enlightening, entertaining, unsolicited, and some that are just rash. All this, in our innate wanting to be heard – freedom of speech – a concept not too widespread among conservatives and not too rare among liberal folk.

They wake us to altered and diverse realizations that we are different people. Sometimes the same people just trying to find our way in different ways through this convoluted maze. We lose our ways to find our ways, we just may make it through. As we meander by, we may not need to hold hands but we will be bold and hold virtues. Palpable virtues, that no religion or convention needed to recommend.

The struggle continues for every society to reach its optimum of optimums; another basic ambition tied to our being. As attainable or disillusioned as it may be or not.  Whatever form of prejudice that fuels our being, be it sexism, or racism, does so to our dogmas.

And as we appreciate that there is nothing absolute, we will appreciate that extremism or zealotries in all scales is hardly endurable. Respect is key, as we figure how we can all one day just get along.


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