Rich People Problems

Posted: May 29, 2018 in Uncategorized

“I am rich. My home is rich. We are like so rich, we can literary feed the entire world but, more than 218 million of my people live in extreme poverty. (It’s like a gap thing, just google it).

I am blessed with natural resources and huge reserves of fertile land.

My home is called Africa.

My dad imports everything including knowledge, technology and sometimes stuff like maize. That’s because we are rich. Rich and clever too. Like we also came up with mPESA, Obama, Lupita, and Trevor Noah.

We also made it to this year’s list of the most corrupt countries on earth, whoop whoop!

We like, don’t have aggressive policies and commitment to build our own capacities.

The much anticipated Konza City a.k.a. Silicon Savannah for example, six years later is still – an anticipation, constipated in a pipe dream.

And while at slumber, the world moves on, others rob off our resources at day light. And I like don’t really care much about this. I’d rather watch my favorite reality TV show that comes at 7 and 9 pm every day in every channel.

I like soo enjoy when baba says to the other baba crazy stuff, like I can’t wait for the next episode LOOL! I loove my tribe, I like to see them win.

Issue-based discussions are soo boooring, and are  like poor people problems”.




By Sarah Wakasa









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